Implementing RADIUSdesk itself from scratch is a daunting task and we aim to simplify it for the end-user. Our top-of-the-line Linux servers host the network-wide distributed ad-blocker and the authentication service providing a hassle-free hotspot setup. We also pre-configure and ship gateway routers based on the provider’s current network settings in case you do not have an OpenWRT supported router. OpenWRT+CoovaChilli is probably the world’s favourite captive portal on a router. Once configured, this router connects to our servers to display the login page and authenticate connected users.

All that is required on-site, is this gateway router and an internet connection to get started. The network can be easily expanded by connecting additional access points to the LAN side of this gateway. We do not charge additional costs for any number of access points/nodes connected to a gateway (other than those provided by us).

Network-wide Ad-Blocking

Ad-Blockers are commonly found integrated with anti-virus software or as add-on modules for web browsers. Both of these methods consume system resources and lower the performance of the device. Moreover, they do not provide any additional bandwidth savings in most cases.

Main webpage of CBS Sports (left) and its filtered version (right) 

Our servers store close to 300,000 different URLs, conduct 1200 heuristic scans and provide end-to-end encrypted DNS lookups. Which ensures that 99% of all ads are stopped much before it enters your network, thereby increasing page speed and reducing data usage, whether you use an ad-blocker on your device or not.


RADIUSdesk is a free and open-source software which can be easily used to deploy and maintain anywhere from a simple single-gateway location to complex multi-tier WiFi hotspots. Currently, it is by far the easiest and cost-effective hotspot solution available in the market today.

The project is hosted at Sourceforge. Below is a list of common features as mentioned:

  • Web-based Central Management Dashboard. Hit F11 and you have a desktop running in your browser with various applet windows which you can arrange to monitor and manage.
  • Easy to use API that makes third party integration a snap.
  • Login pages applet for central hotspot login page management.
  • A device manager which makes BYOD a pleasure for any enterprise.
  • Fine-grained rights management.
  • Extensive Reports & Activity Monitor for fine-grained trend analysis and capacity planning.
  • i18n. Easy translations. Also supporting RTL languages.
  • Advanced debug trace applet to allow real-time debug traces on FreeRADIUS by using Websocket.
  • MESHdesk applet that helps to set-up, manage and monitor batman-adv mesh networks.
  • Grouping Users.
  • Export user list as CSV, PDF.
  • More Cost-Effective Use of Resources.
  • Seamless Scalable Business Model.
  • Coova Chilli Captive Portals.

More information is available at RADIUSdesk Hosted